1. We welcome in 2 new participants to the Consultants Community:

  • Dr Sarah Li: Has worked on a variety of research and consultancy projects in China, the Mekong region and the South Pacific, including the formulation of an ecotourism strategy for nature reserves in Yunnan Province to Tourism Master Plans for Hubei and Hunan Provinces, Huangshan, and most recently tourism development planning for Wolong National Nature Reserve (home of the giant panda).
  • Dr David Beirman: A specialist in Tourism crisis management and recovery consultancy programs. David has been a keynote or major speaker at conferences focussed on tourism crisis management all over the world.

2. And a new member of our Research Community:

  1. Professor Richard Hyde: A registered architect, working in the field of environmental architectural design, evaluation, and innovative sustainable systems for buildings for over 30 years. Currently based at University of Queensland, soon to move to Sydney University.

3. Tourism & Climate Change: Davos, Switzerland meeting attended by Pacific Asia Tourism network member, Prof. Terry de Lacy.
The second International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism was organized by the UN World Tourism Organization www.unwto.org/index.php, the UN Environment Programme www.unep.org and the UN World Meteorological Organization www.wmo.ch/pages/index_en.html. It was supported by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Swiss Government.
It stressed the role tourism can play in addressing climate change to promote both sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals (www.un.org/millenniumgoals), the eight ambitious targets to slash poverty and other social and economic ills by 2015.
“We know that the solutions for climate change and for poverty are interrelated,” said UNWTO Assistant Secretary-General Geoffrey Lipman, an Adjunct Professor (Tourism) at Griffith University, Australia. “We leave Davos more optimistic about our future on the common agreement to build upon [the] quadruple bottom line sustainability of economic, social, environmental and climate responsiveness.”
4. Useful reading on International Development:

MDG 2007 – Who is Left behind in Asia and Pacific
The Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNDP and UNESCAP will launch the 2007 Update on the MDGs. The report provides the latest MDG relevant statistics for Asia and Pacific and discusses in a theme chapter areas, social groups, and sectors that are specifically left behind. The MDG Update 2007 report will be launched during a major ADB conference on “Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction in the New Asia and Pacific” on 8-9 October 2007 in Manila.
Mobilizing Aid for Trade: Focus Asia and the Pacific
http://topics.developmentgateway.org/trade/calendar/showCalendarItemDetails.do~acti veCalendarItem=15022562?intcmp=925

UNDP Annual Report (Making globalisation work for all) now available at: http://www.undp.org/publications/annualreport2007/IAR07-ENG.pdf


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